New Digital Work

I have been working on some new digital pieces and have been really inspired by natural and organic formations. Looking into rocks and appreciating their overall beauty with combining a bright overlay. print3



Derelict Mansion

I have just finished my degree at Cardiff Metropolitan and have had a break on photography. However i decided to take my camera on a little derelict explore and stumbled across this awesome derelict mansion.
It was completely ruined but still had some great rooms ideal for capturing the decay. The mansion was completely unsafe and the floorboards were fallen through in almost all of the house. These are a few images I managed to take.DSC_1830




New Digital Prints….

I have spent the past week creating more digital prints in Photoshop. I don’t really know what I am going to be doing with them as of yet but thought I would post them on here anyway.

DSC_0392-2 DSC_0544 DSC_0257 DSC_0263 copy


Urban Prints….

I have spent a few days traveling to derelict sites and documenting interesting textures around the city of Cardiff. I have edited the images in Photoshop and have merged them with 2 images. I want to create interesting prints that are made up of un interesting things, such as scaffolding poles and torn posters.

DSC_0540n-2 DSC_0555rr-2 DSC_03652-2 DSC_05793-2

Urban Life Through a Macro Lens….(Pic Heavy)

For my final major project I have decided to concentrate on urban life, with my theme being “Eye of the Beholder”. I have taken a lot of time to document the things in and around a city that the eye tends to miss, derelict buildings, flakey paint and old rusty doors. I am obsessed with surface texture and beautiful images around the city.

I went to a derelict building and documented a few exciting textures. I have watermarked my images due to them being stolen. Hope you like them ūüôā

DSC_0367 DSC_0358 DSC_0429 DSC_0421 DSC_0418 DSC_0331DSC_0373


Stolen Image…

This has never happened to me before so it came as quite a shock. I googled texture paint and to my surprise my image came up I clicked on it and it took me to a Flickr account. Some guy had stole my image and passed it off as his own! I was so disappointed and upset that someone could do this. I would not mind at all if he credited me but he pretended it was his own image!

Anyway I thought I would name and shame him as I really don’t think it is fair. I understand the need and use for a watermark now!

Peeling-Paint-and-Rust Texture

So that is the stolen image, it was taken in 2008 as he describes and it wasnt taken on a Canon either. It was taken in 2012 and on a hand held Fuji Film.

Here is my original blog with both of the rusty images I took for a uni project.

Work in Progress….

I have finally started my final major project. I have decided to concentrate on what I think I do best and that it digital art. I have decided to focus on the beautiful things in life that seem to slip underneath the radar. I want to look at the little things that I find unique and interesting and turn them into large photo prints for my final piece. Today I was just playing around with some images I took in Boys Village.

o print

A Little Self Set Brief….

For my final major project I have to write my own brief. A brief that shows my strengths and concentrates on what I am going to focus on for the next 5 months. I have decided to make my actual brief in the form of an article. I want it to be as creative as it can possibly be. I have only completed the first page but I am really happy with it.


Veins of our Earth….

I personally think that the trees and flowers are the veins and nerves of our earth. Maybe a bit hippy, but every time I pass a tree I look at it and think that is our earths vein. ūüôā

I took these photos when I went to Bath with my boyfriend on Tuesday, the light was beautiful and there was this tree glimmering in the light. I have played around with the colours to make them look contemporary.

vein3 vein2 vein1

The Last of Boys Village….

print Untitled-1

Today I visited the famous Boys Village. It is an old derelict site that has recently been bought with plans to re generate the whole site. It was one of the first derelict sites that I went to see and it is very popular. The place is very damaged with lots of graffiti everywhere, but that doesn’t take away the charm of the place.

I went today specifically to take pictures of interesting textures.